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Welcome to Wulf's W.A.T.C.H.

Whether it's Weightlifting, Athletics, Training, CrossTraining, or Health, it's our mission for you to thrive and reach your goals.

Our Programs are run by coaches, instructors, and teachers that have the expertise and experience to foster success as they guide you every step of the way.

We Offer:

Functional Fitness
Personal Training
Get SSET - Sport Specific Elite Training
Kids WATCH AfterSchool
Summer Camps


Functional Fitness
Sport-Specific Elite Training
After Care & Fitness

Want to get fit and gain strength, stamina, and vibrance?! Come join our classes and let our talented Fitness instructors help you meet and exceed your goals in a safe and fun environment.

Sport-Specific Elite Training, Get SSET, uses a holistic approach and PHASE testing that provides young athletes with the specific tools and skills training to obtain personal goals, to unleash full athletic potential, and to let sports take them where they never thought it could. 


Why settle for less? Parents, look no further! We are offering a full service aftercare program that your child will not only love, but it will also give YOU peace of mind! Peace of mind knowing your child is getting homework done, being tutored by a certified teacher, AND engaging in a fun exercise and activity regiment!

Contact Us

634 Barnes Blvd. Suite 110

Rockledge, FL 32955

Tel: 202-468-1992

We are between Da Sushi and Gio's Italian Ice near Aldi's and SkyZone.

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