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Meet Our Team

Dedication | Expertise | Passion

At Wulf's WATCH, we are a team dedicated to YOUR goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight, wanting more energy and vibrancy, trying to gain strength, wanting to increase your batting average, here at Wulf's WATCH, we make your goals, our mission. Your team of coaches not only have high qualifications, expertise, and experience, we have the passion and drive to help you achieve success in your journey.

Meet your team:

Cindy Wulf


Owner & Director of Operations, Head Coach Get SSET, Coach

Cindy is a former professional athlete, collegiate athlete, and lifelong coach. She has achieved success in athletics from the time she started her love of sports at age 6. Soccer, fast-pitch softball, cross country, basketball, and track filled up her days growing up and through high school. Cindy was the first athlete in Florida to play two varsity sports in the same season (basketball and soccer) and letter in four varsity sports in one year. She was a state champion in the mile in track, the leading goal scorer in the state of Florida in soccer, the number one point guard in assists in basketball in the state of Florida, and a striker on the Olympic development soccer team. Cindy was offered scholarships in five different sports; soccer, basketball, cross country, fast-pitch softball, and track. She had offers from colleges and universities from all over the U.S. She chose to run cross country and track for the University of South Florida. During her time at USF, Cindy picked up the game of golf and enrolled in a golf class. She fell in love with golf and practiced and played in her spare time at USF in-between meets and homework. Cindy excelled quickly and was shooting in the 70's within a year and a half of picking up the game. She tried out and made the USF golf team in time to play her last three semesters of college. Upon graduating from USF, Cindy turned professional golfer and played for eleven years on various Tours all over the U.S., Asia and in Europe. Cindy's background didn't just consist of elite success in athletics, all the while she was achieving personal success, she was also coaching and teaching. She coached individuals, groups, and teams in various sports. Cindy's golf instruction was named Most Successful in 2005 by the PGA of America. She's led teams to championships and individuals to their goals, over and over. She knows what it takes to succeed and is leading this team at Wulf's WATCH to deliver that success to all of her clients. She has developed her own PHASE testing that assesses an athlete at their current level and then bridges the gaps of performance with training and goal stepping. Goal stepping is a way of breaking down a long term goal into smaller steps that are measurable, specific and realistic; a skill Cindy has perfected in her life and has attributed a lot of her success. "We can float around landing in various random places, not knowing a destination, or we can direct and drive our life in a particular direction we want it to go by setting goals and creating plans. Understanding how to do that is the key to success; it's how I've accomplished everything in my life. I'm so excited to help other athletes achieve success and reach their potential. Seeing someone be successful is one of the most rewarding feelings. It's why Wulf's WATCH was created." Cindy


Kyle Zulon



Coach Kyle has over a decade of experience in the fitness industry with experience working as a Fitness Specialist at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, a Head CrossFit coach, and a Head Junior Varsity Baseball Coach. His love of fitness has taken him on a passionate journey that includes earning a Master of Science Degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Central Florida, certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, as well as a certification as a Level One CrossFit trainer. Coach Kyle's extensive fitness career has given him a working knowledge of tailoring personalized plans and routines for a diverse range of trainees. He has coached collegiate and high school sports athletes, rehabilitation clientele, CrossFit athletes, and everyday people seeking to improve their general fitness.


Pamela Joyce

Team Lead of Kids WATCH

Pamela is our team lead for Kids WATCH. Kids WATCH is a full service AfterSchool Program where we take the best care of your elementary school age child from pick up to check out. Pamela is a certified elementary ed teacher, she is k-12 ESE certified, and a CrossFit Level 1 coach. All the components to make your child's experience the best it can be. Not only does Pamela have all of those credentials, but she is also known to be beloved by all her students. "At Kids WATCH, I set goals for each child based on what their parents want or need. For instance, if a parent wants tutoring in writing or math, I make weekly plans for their child." - Pamela. Along with making sure homework is completed each day, Kids WATCH includes daily activities and fun fitness. Pam will light up a room with her energy and excitement; that coupled with her expertise, rest assured your child is in the best hands at Kids WATCH.


Justice Stevens

 Coach, Teens Coach

Justice started CrossFit over seven years ago in Arizona and was immediately hooked. She loved the community and family aspect so much it led her to craving more and more. Her passion steered her into getting her Level 1 coaching certification and has been coaching ever since. Justice is not only a natural leader, she's fun, always smiling, and has a knack for helping clients of all ages reach health and wellness. If you don't see her at Wulf's WATCH, you might find her serving ice cream for her soft serve ice cream truck that she co-owns or as the City of Melbourne Records Technician. Justice is an absolute joy to have as a coach and her passion is contagious. Wulf's WATCH is ecstatic to have her as part of our team!


Laurie Rivers

 Coach, Teens Coach

Laurie's love for fitness and nutrition  started 11 years ago on her journey to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Following successful weight loss, her drive to stay active and fit was filled with her love of crossfit and wanting to help others in her spare time.
Attended crossfit L1 course 
Coaching/  kids / teens for 3 years 
Certified nutrition coach 
Insurance agent 30 years for State Farm


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